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*trigger warning*
//I'm Matt, I'm 18. I'm probably considered a psychopath. Taken,

emilyiscreeping: MAAATTTTTTT

what upppp

Anonymous: You really are my role model and i dont understand how such a beautiful person can hate themselves listent to the song dark enough its the frst one please ly xxx

im crying right now oh my god this song

Anonymous: Wanna go kill people?


Anonymous: I know this isn't a question, I just wanted to say I think you're amazing! You've not only helped me but many others as well! You have an amazing heart and I hope you can stay strong, because we need you! All of your followers will always be here for you as well!! <3

thank you darling mwah

Anonymous: You're literally my reason to live. Everyday I go on tumblr and think "I hope Matt posted something, I hope Matt posted something" and I send you billions of asks just to see if youre there. I guess you mean more than I thought to me. I love you Matt

really oh my god, i never thought i was that special awawawawa c:

Anonymous: Can you just wrap me up in your arms and tell me I'll be alright all night long in soft whispers against my ear and I'll do the same for you?

deal bruh

Anonymous: You think you could get “normal” one day?