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//I'm Matt, I'm 18. I'm probably considered a psychopath. taken by the beautiful Alivia. I love bands, cats and I hate people. I don't promote self harm, eating disorders or anything else self destructive. I'm always a message away if you need advice or just someone to talk too.

Anonymous: I've been clean for months without cutting.. But yesterday I relapsed.. And I hate that did it.. But at the same time it's one thing that makes me feel alive.. What do I do?

its okay that you relapsed

Anonymous: Matt.... I need help. Someone to talk to.. My mom saw my scars and cuts. She put me in the hospital. They diagnosed me with bulimia, anxiety, and depresstion. My mom threatened to send me to a mental hospital. I need help.. I don't know what to do.

how old are you? if yuou’re under 18 she cant do shit

Anonymous: It's me again-from before. Would it be weird if I messaged you? I just need to talk to someone who could relate in a way. It's hard to talk to your "friends" when their lives come right out of fairytales.

lol so guess what, alivia isnt real ahha

Anonymous: i love you, but you love somebody else and it is hard, really hard

I don’t love anyone


"what state do you live in?"

constant anxiety

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Anonymous: would you post a picture of your cuts/scars?


Anonymous: Matt? I'm really scared. I know you've been some pretty bad things so I figured you to be the one I should go to. Just yesterday I found out I have a purge-eating disorder, anxiety and depression. The situation is so bad that they are keeping me in the hospital to be a part of their "destructive teen- youth group". Yes, I want to get better- but at the same time I never found anything wrong with my behavior. I guess that's the issue isn't it. I really need someone to talk to who may understand.

oh my god I know wwhat you mean, you need to focous on yourself and start taking some meds and just get better i love you

Anonymous: I wish I lived in the same area as you so I could plan that I'm going to meet you one day and give you a big hug, but I know that wouldn't happen even if I did live near you because I'm to socially awkward.. Ha..

dawwwhhhh omg yes c: